We believe in local solutions

The Municipalist Movement dedicates to the debate and spread of the discussion on local solutions and more autonomy to cities and municipal political and economic organizations.

It aims to promote the development of less costy, simpler, more socially effective and sustainable solutions to situations like waste management, urban and rural public transport, biodiversity, extreme poverty eradication, rural development, and water sources management.

Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country and the focus of much concern on the natural environement and the sustainable development. Our group of collaborators believes that the extreme concentration of public management decisions in the Brazilian Federal government is one of the main factors that leads to the acute reduction of financial resources to city halls, to local businesses and to small farmers.

In many ways the concentration of public management decisions and resources coming from taxation have contributed to produce less sustainable and environmentally correct economic development in Brazil. Lack of transparency in centralized government decisions has also contributed very negatively in the implementation of sustainable and locally managed solutions to very ordinary situations like waste disposal. We dedicate to recording cases in which the above described situations have happened in Brazil, as a starting point of our debates and discussions.

By the Editors of  movimentomunicipalista.wordpress.com

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